Kezia is awaiting the release of Sesame Streets 50th anniversary ‘Rock Video’ in which she is featured. More of her acting credits include Facebook’s “More Together”  commercial campaign, “Self Servers” a Comedy directed by Eliezer Vagara now running in festivals, “Zoe In Review” directed by Stacey Larkins and also Manhattan Rep’s film festival ‘Best Film’ recipient and “Open Call” a Comedy Central Pilot.

Height: 5”3

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eyes Color: Dark Brown


Location:Marietta, GA

About Me

Special Skills

Small Onions Studios | PSOklahoma How to Video | 2020 

Lead Actress

Vox Media Entertainment | Slack Software | 2019​

Lead Actress

Versatile Studios | More Together Campaign | 2019

Lead Actress

I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Sports Academy. I am Pre and Post Natal certified through PROnatal Fitness.

American Family Insurance | Dream Fearlessly Campaign | 2017​

Lead Actress

Training & Workshops

Voice & Speech | 2 year program | Shane Ann Younts

Scene Study | Larry Moss Workshop | Larry Moss

Terry Knickerbocker Studio | 2 year Meisner Conservatory | Terry Knickerbocker

Abingdon Theater Company | Festival Of Short Plays | Chari Arespacochaga | 2020

Lead Actress

NBC Stage Second City | Diversity Festival | 2019

The Pit NYC | The Resistence | 2018-19​

Lead Actress

Lead Actress

Upright Citizens Brigade | The Black Pantherettes | 2019​


Supporting Actress

The Film Shop | Amadi Comes Home | Post Production

Evergara Films | Self Severs | 2019​

Lead Actress

Straight Path Productions | United States vs White Men | 2018​

Lead Actress


Eric Blume | Comedy Central Branded Series | 2018

Guest Apprearance